A key benefit of being a client of PlanStrong Investment Management is that you can hear our perspective on key market events on almost a daily basis on the radio.  We do a lot of reading to prepare for these shows, and also conduct significant research to determine opportunities and potential areas to avoid.  Periodically, we make a research paper available to listeners and clients.

Radio Shows

“Smart investing, simplified” is the underlying theme of this show that airs on Saturdays from 3-4 p.m. In one hour, Paul Parsons, President of PlanStrong Investment Management, is joined by radio veteran Ken Carberry to review the key business and economic stories from the past week, and interpret them for investors.

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Research Papers

As conditions warrant, PlanStrong Investment Management produces research papers on topics of significant interest or concern to investors.  Typically, these papers address an investor goal, and then discuss the current economic and business environment and associated investment vehicles that might be considered for the solution.  We present results using clear, simplified presentation tools.

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Suggested Reading

In addition to a myriad of financial and economic periodicals for the latest business news, it is important to read about longer term economic, demographic and political mega trends.  We have developed a suggested (and constantly evolving) list of books that clients and other investors may find helpful.

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