Small Businesses


Provide attractive retirement plan for business owners, and if applicable, utilized by employees as a meaningful benefit.

Common Questions and Concerns

  • What are the different kinds of retirement plans available?
  • Which kind of retirement plan is best suited for my circumstances?
  • What kinds of investment choices are available with these plans?
  • What kind of features (loans, withdrawals, contributions, etc.) are available with these plans?
  • What are the financial obligations and costs to the business and the participants with these plans?

PlanStrong Solution

  • Discuss goals of company retirement plan and potential participants (owner, employees, etc.)
  • Review retirement plan types with business owner, including financial obligations (company contributions), expenses, features and services (including available investment choices)
  • Implement retirement plan for owner (and if applicable, employees).  Provide investment advice to determine appropriate contribution amounts, asset allocation and specific investment recommendations in retirement plan to complement investments in accounts held outside the retirement plan.
  • If applicable, conduct employee meetings to review plan rules, features and expenses.  Provide investment advice on individual basis for each employee, taking into account their personal financial circumstances.
  • Provide historical performance reviews and updated portfolio recommendations on regular basis to owner and employees.