Change in Marital Status


Adapt personal financial plan to new marital status

Common Questions and Concerns

  • Can I afford my current lifestyle?
  • Do I need to (or should I) sell my current home?
  • How much income will I need to live comfortably on?
  • What is a fair way to divide the assets?
  • Should we maintain separate or joint investment accounts?

PlanStrong Solution

  • Evaluate current portfolio using proprietary, comprehensive approach.
  • In pre-settlement situations, provide estimates of values of different assets for equitable division
  • Determine annual investment income goal, resulting from annual expected expenses, net of any regular payments (i.e. alimony), or earnings from employment
  • Determine investment risk tolerance
  • Create and implement detailed investment plan designed to provide an appropriate level of growth, income and principal stability taking into account client specific circumstances.  The solution includes asset allocation and specific investment choices, and a distribution strategy that takes into account income tax implications*.
  • Demonstrate historical risk and return characteristics of existing and recommended portfolios
  • Provide income projection

*Neither NEXT Financial Group, Inc. nor its representatives offer tax or legal advice. Please consult your tax or legal professional before taking any action.