Core Values

The investment professionals at PlanStrong adhere to a group of core values, including:

  • We are associated with an Independent Broker/Dealer so we can offer our clients a broad array of available securities and financial products, rather than those sponsored by our broker/dealer.
  • We offer primarily fee based investment solutions, where we charge a percent of assets to manage client’s money.  We usually are paid no commissions, and will disclose any additional compensation provided to us to clients.
  • We act with integrity when investing money.  We help people who need help, but will not suggest change for change’s sake.
  • We are candid, but tactful when providing feedback.
  • We provide personalized service with associates assigned to specific clients.  We are available to our clients via email and phone, and provide cell phone contact information for emergencies.
  • We provide custom solutions that incorporate legacy assets that are consistent with the current investment strategy.  We do not implement “cookie cutter” solutions.