Effective investment management is the keystone to a strong financial plan. Investment management at PlanStrong is based on the following core values, philosophy and approach.

Core Values

We have structured our firm and based our business model to deliver independent investment advice to clients.  We are candid, act with integrity, and are personally available to our clients. Click here for more detail on Core Values.

Investment Philosophy

We recognize that clients trust us with their life’s savings.  We work to generate competitive returns with lower risk, and identify mega trends to help keep the “wind at the backs” of our investments.  We present analyses and recommendations using easy to understand tools.  Click here for more detail on Investment Philosophy.

Investment Approach

We have developed a proprietary approach and associated tools to analyze portfolios and underlying investments.  We do extensive research using a broad array of resources.  We present recommendations and actual performance vs. benchmarks.  We conduct regularly scheduled reviews, and proactively reach out to clients as market conditions change.  Click here for more detail on Investment Approach.

Key Market Data

We have provided a variety of tools on one page to provide some critical current market information to our clients and listeners.  Click here to view and use the interactive market tools.