Client Login

Clients of PlanStrong Investment Management have two tools available for 24x7 access to their accounts.  Both portals are password protected and hosted at independent, secure locations.


This web based application allows clients to access detailed data housed at Pershing, LLC., a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon (the custodian of their fee based accounts).  The client resource tool can be used to access “real time” account balances, summaries, holdings and transaction history.  In addition, clients can access, print and save PDF’s of their transaction confirms and account statements, as well as tax documents (1099’s). 

Please click here to access your NetXInvestor account.

Albridge Wealth Monitoring System

This web based application allows for the linking of multiple accounts in a “household” portfolio. Account data is downloaded nightly from Pershing, mutual fund companies (for accounts held directly there, such as 529 accounts), insurance companies (for fixed and variable annuities), and alternative investments (such as private REIT’s).  A large number of predesigned reports are available, and the user has the ability to write their own custom reports.

Please click here to access your Albridge account.